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Adjust basic mortgage parameters using the boxes to the right.
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In this calculator example, a few things things have been configured:
  • Interest rates start off at 6% p.a., and increase steadily for a few years
  • Household income is increasing at around $4000 per year - e.g. payrises
  • After 3 years they reduce to a single salary for 18 months - e.g. having a baby
Change the House Price and Deposit Size to see how it affects your mortgage.
Set basic income (after tax) & expenses. You can adjust it on the chart later on, but use these fields as a starting point.
Click and drag on the Interest Rate points to model what you think interest rates will be over the next few years.
You should be able to accurately predict the first 3-5 years based on current fixed interest rates.
Click and drag on the Annual-Income points to model your income over the next few years.
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